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How to Scry with Water: Unveiling the Mystical Art

How to Scry with Water: Unveiling the Mystical Art
Original artwork by Demetri Welsh.

As Demetri Welsh, I delve into the ancient practice of water scrying, a method of divination that has enchanted seekers of mystical knowledge for centuries. Water scrying, often viewed as a doorway to the subconscious and the divine, requires a serene environment, a clear mind, and a reflective surface, typically water.


  1. Setting the Atmosphere: Choose a quiet, dimly lit room. The ambiance should invite tranquility and focus. You may use candles to create a gentle, flickering light, which aids in achieving a meditative state.

  2. Selecting Your Tool: Traditionally, a bowl of water serves as the scrying medium. An ancient wooden bowl filled with still, clear water is ideal, offering a reflective surface without distractions.

The Practice

  1. Clearing the Mind: Begin by calming your thoughts. Deep, slow breaths help in achieving a relaxed state. This step is crucial for opening your mind to subtle impressions and insights.

  2. Gazing into the Water: Focus your gaze on the water's surface. Allow your eyes to soften, not looking at, but through the water. This relaxed vision is key to perceiving beyond the physical.

  3. Entering a Trance State: As you continue to gaze, you may enter a light trance state. This is where the conscious and subconscious minds meet, allowing for intuitive insights to surface.

Interpreting Visions

  1. Understanding Symbols: Images, colors, or patterns may appear. These are symbolic and should be interpreted intuitively, not literally. Each person's experience is unique.

  2. Keeping a Journal: Document your experiences. Over time, you'll notice patterns and symbols specific to your journey, deepening your understanding and connection to this ancient art.

After the Session

  1. Grounding Yourself: After concluding your session, it's essential to ground yourself back into the present. A few deep breaths or a short walk can help in reorienting to your surroundings.


Water scrying is more than a divination tool; it's a journey into the depths of your intuition and subconscious. With practice, this ancient art can offer profound spiritual insights and a stronger connection to your inner wisdom.

In exploring water scrying, we tap into an age-old practice that transcends time, offering a window into our deeper selves and the mysteries of the universe.


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