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Remote Viewing: A Personal Journey into the Psychic Realm

Remote Viewing: A Personal Journey into the Psychic Realm
Original artwork by Demetri Welsh.

As Demetri Welsh, delving into the realms of metaphysics and spirituality has always been more than just a pursuit – it's a way of life. Today, I share with you a profound experience from my professional journey as a psychic, focusing on the intriguing practice of remote viewing.

Remote viewing, for those unfamiliar, is the ability to perceive a distant or unseen target using extrasensory perception. It's like having a mental telescope that can traverse time and space. This skill, often associated with espionage and paranormal research, transcends the conventional boundaries of space and time, offering glimpses into remote or hidden locations.

My initiation into remote viewing was not through espionage or scientific experiments, as popular culture might suggest, but through a deeply personal and spiritual journey. It began with intense meditation practices, honing my focus and quieting the mind to transcend physical limitations.

One of the most memorable experiences was during a session where I was asked to locate a missing person. The challenge was daunting, yet it resonated with my purpose as a psychic. I entered a deep meditative state, my consciousness expanding beyond the confines of my immediate surroundings. In this trance, I visualized a map, zooming in like a bird gliding over landscapes. The vision was not crystal clear, rather, it was a flow of impressions, feelings, and images.

I saw a small, abandoned building, surrounded by dense vegetation. It felt cold, damp – a stark contrast to the warm, comfortable room where my physical body sat. Guided by intuition, I described the area in detail to the search team.

Remarkably, the missing person was found near a location resembling my description, in an old, unused cabin covered by overgrowth. This experience not only validated my abilities but also deeply humbled me. It demonstrated the profound connection we, as beings, share with the universe, a connection that transcends physical boundaries.

Remote viewing, in my professional experience, is more than a psychic tool. It is a journey into the depths of our consciousness, revealing our innate connection to all that is. It underscores a fundamental truth of our existence – that we are far more than our physical selves, capable of touching the very fabric of the cosmos with our minds.

This journey into remote viewing has taught me the immense potential of the human mind and spirit, urging us to explore beyond the seen, and venture into the vast, uncharted territories of the unseen.



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