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Hidden Agendas:

Exposing the Dark Secrets

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The Adam and Eve Story: Secrets Revisited

Galactic Chronicles

The "Galactic Chronicles" series is a nonfiction saga that explores the rich diversity of life across the cosmos. It delves into the biology, culture, technology, and interrelations of various extraterrestrial races, presenting a universe where intricate political dynamics and epic conflicts unfold. Each book expands on the complexities of interstellar diplomacy, espionage, and cultural exchange, offering a profound look at the challenges and wonders of a populated galaxy.

The Liminal Chronicles

"The Liminal Chronicles" is a captivating five-book fantasy series that follows Eliana, a dedicated guardian of balance, as she navigates a world where the boundaries between the physical and spiritual realms are increasingly threatened. From confronting ancient evils and forging alliances across multiple dimensions to dealing with inter-realm politics and ultimately facing the collapse of reality itself, Eliana's journey is fraught with challenges that test her courage, wisdom, and leadership. Throughout the series, themes of unity, sacrifice, and the courage to embrace the unknown are explored, culminating in a dramatic finale where the fate of all realities hangs in the balance.

The Demetri Welsh Chronicles

The trilogy of Demetri Welsh unfolds as an epic journey through mystical and metaphysical realms. Starting with his challenging early life and psychic awakenings in "Whispers of Destiny," Demetri, alongside his husband Anthony, confronts and embraces the supernatural. The narrative deepens in "Echoes of the Unseen," where they explore enigmatic dimensions that challenge reality. Concluding with "Realms Unbound," the series transcends physical existence, venturing into the afterlife where Demetri and Anthony continue their exploration of eternal themes, confronting existential questions and experiencing infinite possibilities beyond the veil of death. This trilogy captivates the soul.


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