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The Liminal Chronicles (5 book series)


The Liminal Chronicles is a captivating mini five-book journey authored by Demetri Welsh, designed to transport readers into a world where the mystical and the mundane intermingle. In this epic saga, we follow Eliana, a seemingly ordinary teenager who discovers her extraordinary abilities after a celestial event that opens her eyes to the hidden layers of reality.

Eliana's newfound perception reveals that she is a pivotal player in a timeless struggle between worlds. Recruited by the Guardian Order, a secret society that has safeguarded the boundaries between the physical and spiritual realms for centuries, she learns that the balance of the universe hinges on the actions of a few gifted individuals like herself.

Each book in the series delves deeper into forgotten lore and ancient magic, uncovering secrets that challenge everything Eliana believed about her world and herself. From uncovering ancient artifacts that possess untold powers to confronting entities that exist beyond human understanding, Eliana’s journey is one of discovery, courage, and destiny.

The Liminal Chronicles are more than just stories; they are an exploration of the thin veil that separates our world from the greater cosmos. They question the nature of reality and our place within it, inviting readers to ponder their own understanding of the universe.

Join Eliana as she navigates the complexities of her new role, battles forces that seek to disrupt the cosmic balance, and discovers that her greatest power lies not only in her mystical abilities but in her ability to change the world.

Book One

Threshold of Shadows

"Threshold of Shadows," the first mini book in "The Liminal Chronicles," introduces readers to Eliana, a seemingly ordinary teenager whose life takes a dramatic turn following a mysterious celestial event. Suddenly gifted with the ability to see beyond the physical realm, Eliana is thrust into a hidden world of magic and ancient secrets. Recruited by the Guardian Order, a secretive society that balances the spiritual and physical worlds, she must navigate her newfound abilities and unravel the truths that have been concealed for ages. As Eliana learns more about her powers and the mystical heritage of the Order, she faces the challenge of protecting the delicate veil that separates her world from chaos. "Threshold of Shadows" is a tale of discovery, courage, and the boundless potential of the unseen.

Book Two

Echoes of the Ancients

In "Echoes of the Ancients," Eliana delves deeper into her role with the Guardian Order as new challenges arise. With ancient artifacts resurfacing around the world, Eliana is thrust into a race against dark forces seeking to harness these objects' forgotten powers. Each artifact reveals fragments of history and magic that threaten to destabilize the world as we know it. As secrets unfold, Eliana must confront the true extent of her abilities and her crucial role in this ancient battle between good and evil. This thrilling sequel combines adventure, history, and magic, as Eliana navigates a labyrinth of intrigue and power that spans across time.

Book Three

Nexus of Realities

In "Nexus of Realities," the third mini installment of "The Liminal Chronicles," Eliana's journey deepens as the boundaries between the physical and spiritual worlds begin to dangerously thin. Tasked with reinforcing these boundaries, Eliana travels to ancient nexus points around the world, where she must perform sacred rituals to strengthen the barriers and prevent a catastrophic merging of realms.

Throughout her quest, Eliana encounters new allies and adversaries, each with their own motivations and secrets. As she confronts the complex interplay of forces both seen and unseen, Eliana must also grapple with the weight of her responsibilities and the implications of her actions on the balance of the universe. This book explores themes of unity and division, the nature of power, and the eternal struggle to maintain harmony in the midst of chaos.

Book Four

The Ascendant Ritual

In "The Ascendant Ritual," the stakes are higher than ever as a rare celestial event approaches, offering a moment of powerful alignment that can grant immense mystical powers. The fourth installment of "The Liminal Chronicles" sees our protagonist drawn into the heart of a complex conspiracy within the Guardian Order. As factions within and outside the Order prepare to harness the power of the celestial alignment, she finds herself in a race against time to uncover the truths that could alter the balance of power forever.

Surrounded by allies and enemies with hidden agendas, she must navigate a treacherous path of magic, power, and betrayal to ensure the right hands wield the power of the Ascendant Ritual. This book explores themes of trust, the corruption of power, and the thin line between order and chaos.

Book Five

Dawn of the Veiled World

In "Dawn of the Veiled World," the epic mini conclusion to "The Liminal Chronicles," the boundaries between the physical and spiritual realms are not just thinning—they are collapsing. As reality itself begins to unravel, the protagonist and her diverse group of allies face their greatest challenge yet. They must navigate the chaos of merging worlds, confronting both celestial phenomena and ethereal beings in a final battle that will determine the fate of all realities.

As the protagonist leads the charge, she grapples with the implications of her decisions and the ultimate question of how much of the hidden world should be revealed to humanity. "Dawn of the Veiled World" explores themes of sacrifice, the power of unity, and the courage to embrace the unknown in a changed world.

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